The Whiskey Album review is in!

   One of the scariest parts about creating is what happens when you let go of it and send it out into the world. All the hard work and passion behind the songs hardly matter once someone takes that first listen and gets to hear it through their own perception. I always feel a twinge of nervousness when releasing something new for you. I've been very very fortunate to receive such love and support from you with my past recordings and that is what has kept me brave enough to keep doing it!

    In December 2013, The Random Assortment and I released our first full length record, The Whiskey Album. A few weeks ago I was honored by a lovely review from the Frederick News Post written by Colin McGuire:

 "Chelsea McBee might not be reinventing the wheel, but darn-it if she hasn’t figured out how to craft the most durable tire in the garage. Her latest ode to “The Traditional Drink of Colonial America,” “The Whiskey Album,” is a coming out party of sorts if only for how complete her ideas finally feel after a string of up-and-down releases that always promised she could do something like this in the first place. One listen to any of these 11 tracks and everything immediately becomes clear: The West Virginia native never allows a promise to go unkept.

Everything is different. Everything is better. Where before, she might not mind taking a track or two off, there isn’t a single throwaway in this bunch. Where before, either money or time might get in the way of bulking up the production, you could go blind staring at the polish that shines through each performance. Her Random Assortment is skin-tight and her familial harmonies flutter like feathers from a broken pillow. “The Whiskey Album” isn’t just the singer’s strongest collection yet; it’s also one of the Frederick area’s most essential releases of at least the past three years."

   Colin writes beautifully. Thank you Thank you, Colin! You can read the rest of the review right HERE!

   And just in case his words have inspired you to check it out, you can stream and download your copy of The Whiskey Album right over HERE.




Gary Truitt June 10, 2014 @01:50 pm

Oh, Chelsea!! What a terrific review. We listen to the album often, and it makes a long drive sooooo much more enjoyable. Looking forward to hearing you perform locally, again, but truly hope your successes continue to mount.

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