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The last show that I played was at Wilson College in Chambersburg PA. I shared the bill with one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Tara Toms. As usual, her live set was wonderful! Tara has amazing stage presents and her voice is beautiful. She also just put out a new record. I'm not very good at reviewing music because it is difficult to put into technical words the way that music makes me feel, but I've gotta let you know about this new release! Snap The Earth's Way is a collection of two Tara Toms and The Tumbleweeds originals and five covers that are done in the best kinda way (the only way that Tara knows how to do it). Both this album and her first release are the kind of cds that you want to keep in your car all the time. I replayed Too Cold To Be Alone (#2 on the album) until I could sing along just on the way home from the show. Each song has lyrics that you want to know and the instrumentation that the band cooks up is always just right. The recordings are simple just like the packages, each one is hand made. Tara lives in PA and has been traveling around a bit to spread her music. Just last year Tara and Josh Dean toured around the country making music. Hopefully they will give it another-go-round in a town near you! I will surely get them to Shepherdstown this spring/summer so pay attention if you are in the area! "i recorded this album at pat berberich's studio in carlisle, pa. it features myself, justin arrawjo, matt dean, and pat berberich on assorted instruments. pat also did the mixing and mastering. about music in general, i am really thankful to be friends with my biggest influences and favorite artists. i think the talent and passion i have experienced in the musicians i know has inspired me and motivated me more than anything else ever. i love everything about music period." - Tara Toms She sells her music for donations at shows but I think that you will want a copy of these stylings... Look her up and send her a letter (or a message I guess) and see if you can't work out some sort of exchange. She would get a kick outta that and you would get some amazing tunes to drive to, or do laundry to, or knead bread to, or bounce your baby to or whatever else you might do when you listen to great music! www.myspace.com/somethingcompletelyridiculous is where you can find her... Cheers for now, I'm off to keep singity singing... xo Chelsea


Tara Toms June 10, 2010 @01:55 pm


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