Sunday Evening Round-Up

My Random Assortment and I had another eventful weekend. Jeremy is going to write a book and call it "Oh The Places You Will Go With Chelsea McBee" and it would be a great story! Friday started out as any other Friday might with all of us pilling into one little Toyota Tacoma and heading off to a show. This time, however, a tornado was following us. Our First Friday Chambersburg event was cancelled due to the inclimate weather, but that didn't stop ol' Friday from being awesome. No Way.

We just scooted on up to Shippensburg to meet up with friends of The Happy Hour internet radio show, BJ and Coley Christy and their two awesome little dudes. We were gifted cold PBRs and bacon wrapped chicken wings and were then ready to rock some tunes for all of the internet to hear. So. Fun. Thanks again BJ! Saturday was met with fuzzy heads and very untornado like weather. We got to play on the square in Carlisle and then continued on to our final destination of Harrisburg and the Suba Tapas bar there. Also, So. Fun. Enough with the boring words.



Here is an audience member submitted photo of us at Bluegrass Brunch at Dish Bistro in Charles Town WV this

                                                                afternoon. Thanks Justin!


                                                                  Alright. See you soon.


Lani June 04, 2012 @01:43 pm

Oh noes - can't see the photos! (Broken links for me - could just be me, but don't think so.)

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